Monday, October 21, 2013

Hughes turns 8!

Hughes is 8!  For his birthday this year, we kept it small.  He picked four friends to go to Chuck E. Cheese and Sweet Frog.  It was a perfect party.

BecBec was here and she surprised Hughes with an Oreo ice cream cake.  Holy moly, that thing was good.

Super excited about Chima legos.

And, these crazy pictures are right after he read his birthday note:  You're going to Lego Land!

Hughes picked Jackson, Keegan, Samantha, and Avery to go to his birthday party.  We didn't do the official bday package.  Instead, we focused on pizza and tokens.  The kids loved it and, man, can they go through some tokens!

Somehow we lucked out at Sweet Frog.  They were running a B1G1 promotion.  Score one for Mom & Dad!

Not the best family picture but it was after Chuck E. Cheese with 7 kids.

Party crew

Birthday doughnuts

Hughes is still very much into Legos.  He recently discovered all of the online directions of different Lego kits.  That has kept him busy a lot of afternoons.  He is doing great in speech and at the last meeting there was talk of dismissal at the end of 2nd grade.  I never thought we would reach this point. The kid has been in speech since he was 2 so this is a major accomplishment.  We love his speech teacher, Mrs. Greene.  

He is liking 2nd grade.  His main thing to work on is reading the directions and listening for directions. There have been plenty of times where he has gotten something wrong because he didn't read the directions.  Mrs. Prater tells me he is really quiet in class.  On the playground he chooses to make the rainbow loom bracelets with some other kids in this class.

Hughes, I love the boy you're growing up to be.  You have lots of empathy towards others and you're not afraid to say you're sorry.  I can see the wheels of your brain turning sometimes through your eyes when you are in deep thought.  You say some funny things with your dry sense of humor.  I hope you continue to gain confidence in yourself and know that Mom & Dad are behind you 100%!

I love you to the moon and back,

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