Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Imagine My Surprise or Should I Say Shock!

Well, my cute, safe little neighborhood has been infilitrated.  I live in a small neighborhood on Johns Island where everyone is friends, we have a weekly playdate for the toddlers, it is just perfect and we love it.  Imagine my surprise when I got an email saying to check the  Sex Offender Registry - I think I fell off of my chair.  Well, we have a few rental houses in the 'hood and one of them is now being rented by a sex offender.  He committed a lewd act on a minor (age 11) in 1992.  Now, I know that these people have to live somewhere but why does somewhere have to be MY neighborhood!!!!  I'm not freaking out about my children b/c Hughes and Banks aren't old enough to go out by themselves - I'm always with them.  However, there are older children who ride the bikes around without parental supervision.  And, I know, this happened in 1992 but I would still care if it happened in 1972!  So, the owners of the house are now aware of this and are trying to figure out their options  (I don't think they have many especially if he signed a lease but I don't know the law).  

So, there is my freak out of the century.  Here is the website for the National Sex Offender Registry List.  Go on there, enter your address, and check things out: 

We all need to be vigilant and I just got a huge wake-up call!  I'm very thankful that a friend in the neighborhood alerted me.


Rebecca said...

Hey! Not to scare you more, but you would be amazed at the number of sex offenders who move and forget to notify the Sheriff's Office. If the offense occured that long ago he probably isn't on probation or parole. However, if he is and there are a ton of children in the neighborhood or if you are within a certain mile radius of a school, playground, or daycare you may be able to get him to move. I just caution you to not only watch your children, but how you voice your opinion about the situation b/c you do not want to become a target for this guy.

The sex offenders and the wife abusers were the 2 sets of people I disliked working with most when I worked for probation/parole in Charleston. (And John's Island was one of the specific areas I supervised.)

This really sucks, but at least you are aware who to look out for! We have a great playground here near our house, but it is across from the courthouse. A mom with a 6 year old girl told me she lets her daughter play outside alone and how safe she feels in our neighborhood. I told her she was nuts b/c we are in California and God only knows who is coming out of that courthouse and walking by the park to watch those kids. I think I am going to have a problem ever letting my children outside alone! :) My kids will probably need therapy b/c I won't let them go anywhere. Doesn't this make you miss home?

Melissa said...

I know how you feel. A neighbor recently told us that there is a registered sex offender living at the end of our road. Its about a half mile away (maybe more), but its still way too close for me.