Thursday, April 24, 2014

I promise to do better!

Christmas was 4 months ago BUT I never posted pictures.  So, here is a brief description of the past.

We spent it in York this year.  Six children who were foaming at the mouth for Santa Claus to arrive.  It was exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time.  

Great grandkids with GiGi

Open your eyes, Collins.  Look here, Collins.  Big boys, keep smiling.  Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.

And Cooper is off!

Writing letters trying to convince Santa to overlook their past misdemeanors.  Santa is clearly lacking in the short term memory department.

Last picture before nighttime.  The kids were beside themselves.

Santa came!
Banks got lots of baseball stuff.

Gifts for the big boys to share.

Collins got his first bike which he has yet to ride four months later.

Hughes got a guitar.  Still trying to figure out lessons.

The big joint gift for all three was a letter from Santa telling him that he left a trampoline in their backyard in Virginia.  Oh, but Dad was going to have to put together because Santa couldn't fit it on the sleigh.

Christmas was great.  We went to St. Matthews for two days and then headed back home where is proceeded to snow off and on for 3 months.  Exciting at first - miserable at the end.  BecBec had a long visit up here where she was not prepared for so much snow.  I think she'll start keeping a winter box here with snow boots, scarves, thick gloves, etc.

Pinewood Derby was in February.  All three boys got to decorate a car but only Hughes' raced.

 He got the Out of This World certificate.  He was thrilled.

Had a quick trip to the zoo on one of the rare days it was above 40.

And Hughes' class celebrated famous Americans by having a living wax museum.  Each student picked a famous American and then dressed like him and prepared a little spiel.  Hughes chose Martin Luther King, Jr.  I learned a lot about him like he skipped two grades in school and that he was a smoker.  Interesting fact about the day he died, his assistant picked all the cigarette butts off the concrete and out of their room so his secret habit would not become known.  Still an amazing man.  Oh and try telling an 8 year old "no, you can't paint your face", "well, how is anyone going to know who I am".  It was an interesting conversation.

Collins' bestfriend Avery who he lovingly nicknamed "A".  She chose Laura Ingalls Wilder.


Wimberly's Blog! said...

OH MY GOSH. I just died laughing at the "you can't paint your face" conversation! Did you compromise with the sign? Cute boys!

Penny said...

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