Wednesday, March 7, 2012


When I'm crying and Banks sees me, he always asks if I'm crying because of PopPop. I always tell him that I'm crying because I miss him. Here's our conversation one day:

Banks: Mom, are you crying because you miss PopPop?

Me: yes

Banks: PopPop is in heaven.

Me: you're right and we need to make sure that we're always doing our best so that PopPop can see us and be proud of us

Banks: PopPop is in heaven with God?

Me: yes with God and Jesus

Banks: and Santa Claus?

Me: yeah, him too!

Apparently, St. Nick just got bumped up a few notches on the chain of importance.


I was in St. Matthews with Mom when David called me on the phone. Hughes and Banks were with David in Charleston. Hughes wanted to talk to BecBec.

Hughes: Hi, BecBec. I miss PopPop.

BecBec: I know you do. So do I. But you can still come to St. Matthews and we'll have such a good time.

Hughes: BecBec, next time I come to St. Matthews I'm going to find you a new Dad.

BecBec: Well, I don't need a new Dad but still come to St. Matthews and we'll have a good time.

Hughes is so tender-hearted and caring. I want to wrap his heart in bubble wrap.

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Stacey Iofredo said...

Oh....sweet boys and their sweet mama. Love you lots.