Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dear Grocery Store Shoppers,

I can't begin to tell you have excited I am but I'll try. My heart is beating rapidly, I feel like I'm on Cloud 9, and my bank account is rejoicing. What you may ask gets me this excited? For this time of day, it is saving BIG money at the grocery store! I spent $103 at Publix and saved $85. The cashier behind me said "Mam, you saved almost as much as you spent". All I could do was turn around, smile and say "I know, isn't it exciting!"

If you don't clip/print coupons, you have got to give it a try. The high you experience once you save your first $40 is exhilarating and then you're hooked! It's all about stockpiling and knowing when to use your coupons. I use to guide me in my quest for saving money and alerting me to online coupons available for print.

My $103 grocery bill included:
1 pkg. of diapers, porkchops, hamburger meat, chicken, fish, 2 bags charcoal, 2 frozen pizzas, Pam spray, 2 Bic grill lighters, Cascade, Duracell batteries , Planters peanuts, Huggies baby wash, 10 boxes of fruit snacks (I stockpile, ok?), 4 boxes of variety snack bags, 2 boxes of cereal, toothbrush, tomato sauce, butter, flour, downy, half & half, 2 gallons of milk, 2 boxes of juice boxes, asparagus, 5 lb. bag of oranges, bananas, bread, 2 containers of crystal light, eggs, and luncheon meat. My cart and my pride was and is overflowing!

People, you have got to get in the game and start saving some grocery money!

Your Penny-Pinching Coupon Saver


Nancy said...

Very impressive! I spent the morning with Taryn trying to figure it all out. I hope to be reporting my savings soon!

Anne said...

Hi, it's me Anne. I having been reading/stalking your blog thru Nancy's. You were one of my inspirations for this whole grocery savings kick that I've been on lately. I am so happy for you, and this AM, I saved $45 (I only spent $70)!!! I feel the same rush as you when I feel like I save big. Thanks so much for sharing the southern savers website. That is a huge help!! Happy Saving! Anne
PS~I went to high school with Suzie and James. I noticed you were Chandler's godparent. Small world. :)